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Micro Bead/ I-Tip

What blonde will it be today?

How much?


Blond Bomb Microbeads

So you’re a blondie looking to lengthen, volumise your goldilocks to become a true blond bomb? Then our silicone-lined microbeads could be the right application for you.

Blond Bomb Microbeads are available in up to 40 shades for hair salon clients. Want a perfect match? Order a colour wheel to see the options against your natural hair and take $30 off your extensions order.

The What’s What:

  • -Silicone lined beads for minimal hair damage
  • -Double Drawn Extensions- for the same thick length top to bottom
  • -Top grade 1g strand weight
  • -Not a split end in sight
  • -Premium Slavic Hair
  • -Remy hair with all cuticles in the same direction

The Why

Silicone micro-beads can be one of the fastest applications, longest lasting and more cost effective than fusion techniques.

The Why Not

Microbeads can be bulkier than skin wefts or tapes. If your natural hair is thin, our invisible tapes or half a head of skin weft is recommended instead.

Blond Bomb Russian Hair

Double drawn Russian extensions are the highest grade of hair out there. Unlike most brands which use Brazillian or Indian hair which is naturally dark, using naturally fair hair to begin the colour process means your extensions are healthier and not over bleached and heavily processed.

Your Blond Bomb extensions will last longer, look thick and healthy top to bottom, and can be coloured and heat styled without ruining your fresh do.

Love and Affection

Learn how to care for your Blond Bomb Microbead extensions here.



How to :
Micro ring

Tape In’s

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