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But how do I chose?......

How much hair do I need?

50g is recommended If you are looking to thicken and add volume to your existing hair, and plan on trimming the extensions shorter.100g is a standard full head of hair- this is ideal if you want to add a lot of length to your current hair.

How do I know the colour will match?

Unsure of the right shade? Order a colour wheel, see the colours for yourself against your natural hair and when you’re ready to choose we will take the cost of the wheel from your Blond Bomb extensions purchase. We have free 30 day
returns/exchanges so if the colour isn’t quite right, and is unused in the original packaging you can swap it. You can also email us clear photos of your natural hair to hithere@blond-bomb.com and one of our consultants will recommend a shade match within 24 hours.

Can I colour my hair extensions?

Yes! This is the main advantage of using a premium naturally fair processed hair. Most extension brands have already overprocessed naturally dark Indian and Brazillian hair. After bleach processing the extensions, the hair is so damaged it can’t handle any more colour processing. Blond Bomb human hair extensions come from fair to light brown sources, resulting in much healthier stronger extensions that can withstand additional colour processing.

What does Remy and Double Drawn mean?

Remy hair is uni-lateral cuticle direction, and is collected in a method in which all hair strands stay aligned in the natural direction as it grew (i.e. holding the hair in a ponytail and cutting),maintaining the natural texture pattern and cuticle direction. This eliminates tangling problems commonly found in non-Remy or low quality hair. Blond Bomb only used virgin remy which is only lightly processed.

Double drawn extensions are the same thickness top to bottom as the shorter hairs have been removed and replaced.

But how do I take care of them?......

Can I apply extensions myself at home?

Tape-ins can be applied at home, but weaves and micro rings are only recommended to be applied by trained professionals.

How often do I need to replace my tape-in's?

Tape-in’s should be adjusted every 6-8 weeks. See our TLC (hyperlink) page for more info.

Are hair extensions damaging?

Not with proper care and treatments. It’s a common misconception that microbead extensions are damaging, but only when improperly applied, and using cheap cooper beads, not using gentle silicon lined beads.

Do I need special care for my extensions?

See the T.L.C page (hyperlink) for how to care for your tape-in extensions and microlinks.

How long after the extensions can I wash my hair?

48-72 hours is recommended.

Can I use keratin on my new hair?

Keratin is not recommended on tape-ins as it can cause the tape to slip.

Why have my tape-ins turned sticky or gluggy?

This is cause by overheating from hairdryers or straightening. If this happens, using a tape extension residue remover is recommended, and for your hairdresser to remove and retape your extensions.

How long will my hair extensions last?

With proper care between 6-12 months for wefts and micro ring. Tape in’s between 4-8 months.

But how do I take care of them?......

What's the right bead size for micro ring (I-Stick) extensions?

Use for 1gram per strand any of the following – 5mm + 6mm Micro Beads, 6mm Silicone Lined, 3.5mm Euro Locks or Shrinkies. Copper beads are not recommended as they can damage the natural hair.

How do I place my own tape-ins?

For a full head (100g) place the hair 3- 6 cm from the base hair line 2cm from the hair line 2 cm down from the occipital bone. Create 3 rows on the back of the scalp, making sure to brick your section up leaving no gaps in between the hair extensions but not overlapping). On the sides, line up with top of eyebrow and second row above if needed.

How do I remove my extensions?

It’s recommended to have all hair extensions types removed by a trained professional to avoid any tape residue or hair pulling.

Anything else?

Where does Blond-Bomb hair come from?

Blond Bomb are selective about salons to use our extensions as we only source from several small boutique Russian manufacturers, to avoid any hair being blended with more common Indian hair sources. We pride ourselves on a rigorous supplier selection process, and transparency is key

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